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9:30 AM

30 min flight to Canouan Island, The Grenadines

10:15 AM

After breakfast set sail to Union Island for a unique tour experience

Mayreau Beach.jpg
11:00 AM

Arrive and explore Mayreau

12:15 PM

Set sail to the Tobago Cays

12:45 PM

Snorkel the pristine coral reefs and turtle sanctuary 

1:45 PM

Bon Apetit!

3:00 PM

Explore the islands!

3:45 PM


4:30 PM

Arrive in Canouan for the flight back

Join us on this epic tour of the picturesque Grenadines Islands. Your luxury experience starts with a seamless check in and then you are whisked through security on route to boarding our Luxury Aircraft. This shared Private Charter flight, landing expertly in Canouan where breakfast awaits waterside on the Marina prior to boarding our Luxury Cabin Cruiser “Queen B”, with the best commander on the water Captain Roger "Bagga" Bibby paired with amazing ship mates who ensure your every need is taken care of.


Queen B is a top-of-the-line luxury 42ft Cabin Cruiser fully equipped with two gorgeous staterooms, stately kitchen, onboard washroom facilities, designated as a luxury craft, numbers are kept to a maximum 10 guests.


From Canouan we take a leisurely sail across the pure waters of the Grenadines and dock on the quaint and beautiful Union Island where your guide awaits to take you on a tranquil tour of the best spots in show.


Back aboard your home we sail onward to Mayreau for swimming and stroll, then whisked over to Tobago Cays marine park for sights not to be missed on this 5-island gem, snorkeling in this spot is a must!


Soon it is time for lunch which will be served on the beaches of Tobago Cays in true island style with roasted seafood on the menu we can’t go wrong.


More time to explore after lunch as we visit more sites in the Marine Park.


After this full day we sail back to Canouan where the journey began, to once again be boarded on your shared charter flight en route to Barbados.

Tour Highlights

  • Luxury Charter Flight to/from the Grenadines

  • Take in the Ocean breezes while you have breakfast on the Marina in the island of Canouan.

  • Hop aboard our Luxury Cabin Cruiser “Queen B” for a leisurely sail across the picturesque Grenadines Islands.  

  • Visit the world-renowned Salt whistle bay on Mayreau, and experience the stunning Tobago Cays marine park for breathtaking snorkeling and swimming with turtles.

  • Exquisite Grenadines lunch served in Tobago Cays, featuring a main course of grilled lobster

Package Includes

  • Grenadines shuttle to and from Airport

  • Luxury Round Trip Air Charter

  • Luxury sail on 42ft Cabin Cruiser

  • Snorkeling equipment

  • Breakfast, Lunch and an open bar

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